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it all ends here

Hi all :) My name is Federica. What about me? Well, I'm interesting in everything that deals with Harry Potter, Nightwish (Tuomas is an amazing poet, I love his lyrics so much!) and football (my favourite team is Inter. Did you hear about the team who won the Champions league this year?). I spend the most of my time reading books (I read so much!), browsing Internet, (especially on HPQuiz, a Harry Potter forum, where i found amazing people), using some graphic PC programs. Althoung I'm almoust 18 years old, I still pass some of my days watching Disney's cartoons. My favourite one? "Beauty and the Beast", of coure ;)
Good, I just speak a lot.
Huges and kisses, Fede <3

P.S. I don't know where insert credits, so I just want to say that the credits for the Harry Potter mood theme go to kohler